Church of St Casimir — Parking 160 Cable St.

Open 3rd Weekend of each month after Masses
Sat 7pm Novus Ordo Latin Mass with Chant Schola
Sun 10am All Generational Mass.

Get to know him and “Let us introduce you to a saint.”
Buffalo visit archive photos and Wojtyla Family Album
Place your personal intention on the Papal Post-it Prayer Wall

This month after Masses on Sat & Sunday, May 17 and 18, 2014.
Next month after Masses on Sat & Sunday, June 21 and 22, 2014.

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Bishop Kmiec

Bishop Kmiec

St. Casimir’s is the only freestanding church in the Diocese of Buffalo. Bishop Edward Kmiec (2011) bestowed this unique status as well as a mission to serve primarily, but not exclusively Polish American Catholics throughout WNY.

This designation is due to the church’s Byzantine and Romanesque architecture, unique to this area.





We live to pray and work for the good of others, means we are a place to encounter Jesus at All-Generational worship, multicultural song and faith rituals, Youth Group Service & Activities, Family Faith Formation, and neighborhood outreach.


Pope John Paul II 1976

Pope John Paul II 1976 visits St Casimir Church

In 1976. Divine providence brought the former Bishop of Krakow, Karol Wojtyła, to St. Casimir’s to preside with eighteen other bishops from Poland, at two Mass during a pastoral visit for the entire WNY Polonia.

Papal Post-it Prayer Room

Papal Post-it Prayer Room



In April 28, 2014, the suite of rooms he resided in will be dedicated “Papal Post-it Prayer Room”. The room his vestments, mementos he left, and a life size photo of as Bishop of Krakow, taken by the Rev. Krysa, present rector, while a seminarian in Poland’s Royal city and second capital.